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Blue Sky Outfitters

Blue Sky Outfitters
Kevin McNeil - Owner
Box 427
Mclennan, AB T0H 2L0

Contact Info:
Business: (780) 536-7290



Wolf Hunting: Looking for a winter hunting adventure? I have some winter dates available for our baited wolf hunts. Our wolf and coyote hunts that we are offering now are only 6 day hunts and the price is $3,995 plus 5% tax for 2 one 1 hunts. For our wolf hunts we will use tree stands, or ground blinds near bait piles, and calling. At this time of the year there will be snow so we will travel by truck, snowmobile, or quads while hunting. You can expect a kill percentage of about 60%. Alberta wolf hunts can be very exciting with an excellent opportunity to take more than one wolf. The wolf color variance is great from salt and pepper to white and jet black. Mature wolves from this area have skulls that can measure in the 17 to 18" range and can weigh well over 100 lbs. Wolf is an ultimate trophy predator. We are committed to a policy of 100% "fair chase" and stress principles and ethics above all else. Please contact us for more information or to book your wolf and coyote hunt with us. This is for as many wolves and as you want. Our wolf hunts are mainly a baited hunt with some calling. The best wolf hunting opportunity is to sit at a bait site and wait for them to come in. We usually have 2-3 opportunities per week on wolves, if the weather co-operates ie (COLD) is best time late October through February are the best times for furs. If you are thinking of a trip and have any questions please don't hesitate to let me know as soon as you can. Love to have you all out and show you a trip of a lifetime, and for those that have booked cant wait to be in the field with you this winter looking for a wolf and a lot of laughs. We are more booked than we have ever been at this point and last year we sold out so we are expecting the same this year. What about a Alberta wolf hunting is one of North America's most challenging hunting experiences. Northern Alberta has a high population of wolves for hunting. Wolves are the top of the food chain and are very illusive. Alberta wolves get big, many a wolf tip the scales over 100lbs and our biggest to date was 145 lbs. We hunt in the Peace River region of northwest Alberta our area has produced trophy wolves, time and time again. Blue Sky Outfitting specialty is helping hunters to achieve the goal of harvesting a wolf either with gun or bow by putting you with in range a trophy wolf. We do this by taking hunters on customized personally guided hunts in the best wolf hunting areas available in the Peace River region of Alberta. We live and hunt the same area and have first hand knowledge of wolf activity. This is for as many wolves and as you want.