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Primal Adventures Outfitting

Primal Adventures Outfitting
Erik Labrie - Owner/Outfitter
Box 1096
Slave Lake, AB T0G 2A0

Contact Info:
Cell: (780) 805-0809



The areas we target boast very high color variations in Wolves and range from the typical salt and pepper, to jet-black, arctic white, and even the rare blue phase. We take pride in our extensive knowledge of the hunting area and the dense resident population of Wolves. The strategically chosen sets are monitored regularly and restocked with bait to ensure the consistent return of the Alpha Canid giving you the best opportunity at your dream Northern Alberta Wolf. Hunters will be situated over kill sights, bait piles, and travel corridors in heated ground-blinds. Guides will transport you by pickup truck to the hunting area, then ATV or Snow-machine into the dense forest and up to the blind setup. Hunters can expect full accommodations in a local hotel within an hours drive of the hunting area. The day begins early in the morning to allow adequate time for travel to the bait-set before sunrise. Breakfast in town and a bagged lunch will be provided before leaving for the day and dinner upon arrival back to town at the end of the day. As a result of the very high and dense populations of Canine predators, Alberta currently has no limit on the number of Wolves or Coyotes eligible for harvest, and both species fall under the same license. All Wolves and Coyotes taken are included in original hunt cost. *No Trophy Fees attached