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Alberta Wolf Hunting

Directory of 21 Alberta Wolf lodges, guides and outfitters in Alberta.

Alberta Bush Adventures
McLennan, Alberta T0H2L0
Phone: (780) 324-2174, Cell: (780) 523-8658

Alberta Bush Adventures offers wolf & coyote hunts in Northwestern Alberta, home to the world's largest wolves. Consecutive mild winters have the ungulate populations rising dramatically. This provides more food for wolves in turn boosting the wolves population.

Alberta Hunts
Drayton Valley, Alberta T7A 1R3
Phone: (780) 898-2955

Our wolf hunts are done over bait, we will be in the fringe of farmland and public land. You will have pre-baited sites with heated ground blinds. The weather is very cold and wolves eat a lot. You will see wolves from light gray to jet black. Sitting in a blind all day can be tough but it is very rewarding once you harvest a big wolf.

Alberta Native Guide Services
13331 - 106 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T5E 4T7
Phone: (780) 478-1988

Alberta Native Guide Services knows that you are looking for a great hunting experience, so we offer a 6 day whitetail deer hunt where you will have an opportunity to hunt moose, mule deer, wolf and coyote once your whitetail tag has been filled. For the price of a licence, the hunter can keep on hunting after he kills his buck or if he does not want to buy another license he can hunt wolf and coyote for nothing. The point is that you will hunt for the full six days. Our hunting guides want you to remember your experience with us and come back again and again.

Blue Sky Outfitters
Box 427, Mclennan, Alberta T0H 2L0
Business: (780) 536-7290

Wolf Hunting: Looking for a winter hunting adventure? I have some winter dates available for our baited wolf hunts. Our wolf and coyote hunts that we are offering now are only 6 day hunts and the price is $3,995 plus 5% tax for 2 one 1 hunts. For our wolf hunts we will use tree stands, or ground blinds near bait piles, and calling. At this time of the year there will be snow so we will travel by truck, snowmobile, or quads while hunting. You can expect a kill percentage of about 60%. Alberta wolf hunts can be very exciting with an excellent opportunity to take more than one wolf. The wolf color variance is great from salt and pepper to white and jet black. Mature wolves from this area have skulls that can measure in the 17 to 18" range and can weigh well over 100 lbs. Wolf is an ultimate trophy predator. We are committed to a policy of 100% "fair chase" and stress principles and ethics above all else. Please contact us for more information or to book your wolf and coyote hunt with us. This is for as many wolves and as you want. Our wolf hunts are mainly a baited hunt with some calling. The best wolf hunting opportunity is to sit at a bait site and wait for them to come in. We usually have 2-3 opportunities per week on wolves, if the weather co-operates ie (COLD) is best time late October through February are the best times for furs. If you are thinking of a trip and have any questions please don't hesitate to let me know as soon as you can. Love to have you all out and show you a trip of a lifetime, and for those that have booked cant wait to be in the field with you this winter looking for a wolf and a lot of laughs. We are more booked than we have ever been at this point and last year we sold out so we are expecting the same this year. What about a Alberta wolf hunting is one of North America's most challenging hunting experiences. Northern Alberta has a high population of wolves for hunting. Wolves are the top of the food chain and are very illusive. Alberta wolves get big, many a wolf tip the scales over 100lbs and our biggest to date was 145 lbs. We hunt in the Peace River region of northwest Alberta our area has produced trophy wolves, time and time again. Blue Sky Outfitting specialty is helping hunters to achieve the goal of harvesting a wolf either with gun or bow by putting you with in range a trophy wolf. We do this by taking hunters on customized personally guided hunts in the best wolf hunting areas available in the Peace River region of Alberta. We live and hunt the same area and have first hand knowledge of wolf activity. This is for as many wolves and as you want.

Double Diamond Wilderness Hunts
Box 1377, Rimbey, Alberta T0C2J0
Phone: (403) 357-4499

Join us on a winter adventure your not soon to forget! There is nothing as exciting as a coyote slinking in or running full bore into your electronic calls. Or maybe sitting in the middle of the boreal forest at -30C staring at a wolf bait and hearing the distant lonely howls, knowing they are working their way into your bait site. If either one stirs up your blood, we are here to make that a reality. Action packed is the only way to describe these winter predator adventures.

Freeman River Adventures
Ft. Assiniboine, Alberta T0G 1A0
Phone: (780) 333-5371

Freeman River Adventures offers top quality wolf hunts and coyote hunts in central Alberta, Canada. Wolves are without question one of the most exciting animals to hunt because they can be very cunning. Taking an Alberta wolf home may be your best trophy ever.

Garrett Bros. Outfitting
Box 784, Breton, Alberta T0C 0P0
Pat Garrett: (780) 621-7989

Winter Wolf/Coyote hunts. We realize that your hunt is not only about taking the animal of a lifetime but to feel welcome and have fun, stay in comfortable clean accommodations and eat well. None of us would expect anything less on an outfitted hunt. You can be sure everything is taken care of with Garrett Bros.

Great White Holdings
22 Wedgewood Cress, Edmonton, Alberta T6M 2N4
Phone: (780) 487-8825

Predators are very abundant throughout Alberta, from yipping coyotes in the prairies to the deep howls of the grey wolves in the dark boreal forest. There is nothing more chilling than hearing a howl echo through the brush as a hunter waits for a shot. This is one of the coolest things about K9’s – they are all highly vocal and respond well to calls, whether it is mimicked vocalizations or prey distress calls. We use both techniques as well as baiting on our predator hunts. We operate the hunts from two separate camps, coyotes from our deer camps in central Alberta and wolves from the bear camp in the northern boreal forest.

Groat Creek Outfitters
PO Box 1325, Whitecourt, Alberta T7S1P2
Phone: (780) 779-5280

Over 25 Years of Hunting Experience. Extremely High Success Rate. Dozens of Proven, Scouted Tree Stand and Ground Blind Locations Welcoming Hunters of All Ages & Abilities (Wheelchair Friendly). Archery, Rifle & Black Powder Hunts Family Owned & Operated! At Groat Creek Outfitters you will experience a full service, high quality hunting opportunity! Our entire outfit is devoted to making your adventure with us a success! Groat Creek Outfitters operates from Northwestern Alberta, Canada, approximately two hours NW of the Edmonton International Airport. We invite you to come hunt with us, as Alberta offers a very unique and rewarding hunting experience. We will make every effort to ensure that your time spent with us will be an enjoyable and memorable experience!

Mike's Outfitting
PO Box 544, Spirit River, Alberta T0H 3G0
Phone: (780) 864-3770

Mike's Outfitting Ltd. is an Alberta big game hunting outfit owned by myself, Mike Ukrainetz and my wife Jen. We live and hunt in the big game hunting paradise of the Peace River region of Alberta. We provide high success mule deer hunting, whitetail deer hunting, black bear hunting, elk hunting and moose hunting even for hunters who aren't physically fit.

Moose Country Outfitting
Hotchkiss, Alberta T0H 2B0
Phone: (780) 836-3764

The Timber Wolf holds a "top spot" in the predator / prey relationship, and its nightly calls are inextricably linked to the Northern Experience. Hunt the northern Timber Wolf on a 5 day winter adventure in the Peace River country where the population has risen steadily over the last 10 years

North Alberta Outfitters, Inc.
P.O. Box 861, Slave Lake, Alberta T0G 2A0
Cell: (780) 849-0743, Home: (780) 369-3733

We offer Winter Wolf Hunting over bait. These hunts are very challenging, but high success if hunters are patient. Hunting methods are from hated blinds in strategically places areas where the wolves travel. These hunts take place during the Winter months from snowmobiles. This is the highest success wolf hunt around! Call to discuss in detail the best times, and areas we hunt.

Primal Adventures Outfitting
Box 1096, Slave Lake, Alberta T0G 2A0
Cell: (780) 805-0809

The areas we target boast very high color variations in Wolves and range from the typical salt and pepper, to jet-black, arctic white, and even the rare blue phase. We take pride in our extensive knowledge of the hunting area and the dense resident population of Wolves. The strategically chosen sets are monitored regularly and restocked with bait to ensure the consistent return of the Alpha Canid giving you the best opportunity at your dream Northern Alberta Wolf. Hunters will be situated over kill sights, bait piles, and travel corridors in heated ground-blinds. Guides will transport you by pickup truck to the hunting area, then ATV or Snow-machine into the dense forest and up to the blind setup. Hunters can expect full accommodations in a local hotel within an hours drive of the hunting area. The day begins early in the morning to allow adequate time for travel to the bait-set before sunrise. Breakfast in town and a bagged lunch will be provided before leaving for the day and dinner upon arrival back to town at the end of the day. As a result of the very high and dense populations of Canine predators, Alberta currently has no limit on the number of Wolves or Coyotes eligible for harvest, and both species fall under the same license. All Wolves and Coyotes taken are included in original hunt cost. *No Trophy Fees attached

Red Willow Outfitters
Valleyview, Alberta TOH-3NO
Phone: (780) 524-4574

Our wolf hunts run from December 1 - March 15 as this is the best time of year to hunt these predators. We use bait, spot and stalk, and calling. At this time of the year there is snow so we travel by snowmobile while hunting. We expect kill percentages at about 50%. Because wolves in our hunting area have drastically increased and there is such an abundance of wolves and coyotes there is no limit on the number of wolves you can take. Alberta wolf hunts can be very rewarding with an excellent opportunity to take more than one wolf and a bunch of coyotes. Wolves are quite variable in color. The wolves in our hunting area tend to be a mix, black to white with many tones of grey. The mature wolves from this area have skulls in the 17-18" range and can weigh well over 100lbs. These ultimate predators makes a great trophy.

Rugged Outfitting
Cardston, Alberta T0K 0K0
Phone 1: (403) 653-1565, Phone 2: (406) 450-6300

If you are adventurous and fearless this is the hunt for you. Wolves are quiet, fast and cunning. Our wolves are large with great color variations. Our numbers are large also. Your chances are good at seeing one of these illusive critters. If you think you can out wit the best we look forward to seeing you. There is no bag limit on these animals. That means if your good you can harvest as many as you like (for an additional fee of course). Hunts are conducted using heated blinds over a bait station.

Savage Encounters
Caroline, Alberta T0M 0M0
Phone: (403) 844-7603

If you are up to a challenge this is the hunt for you. Wolves are the “Ghosts of the Rockies”, and Alberta’s hardest trophy. They are big (up to 180 lbs) and smart, these crafty canines don’t come easy, but well worth the patients. We combine wolf hunts with coyote hunting and ice fishing. My favorite words come into play here “no bag limit” so when the chance comes don’t stop shooting.

Smoky River Outfitting
Box 521, DeBolt, Alberta TOH 1BO
Phone: (780) 957-3100

Alberta wolf hunts can be very rewarding. Our wolves can be grey, black, blue, white and rust colors. These ultimate predators makes a great trophy. Over the last few years the wolves in our hunting area have drastically increased. Our wolf hunts run from September to March. Because of our abundance of wolves and coyotes there is no limit. The best time to hunt wolves is February. The snow is the deepest and the wolves are hungry, they hit bait best at this time. We do some predator calling but majority is from a blind over bait. A typical bait site is very remote with miles and miles of hard packed ski-doo trails leading through deep snow to the bait site.

Take-Em Outfitters
Box 1165, Cold Lake, Alberta T9M 1P3
Phone: (780) 207-0688

Alberta wolf hunting is one of North America’s most challenging and rewarding hunting experiences. The mature wolves from this area have skulls in the 17-18" range and can weigh well over 100lb. These ultimate predators makes a great trophy. There is an extremely high population of wolf and coyotes with no limits on the number you can harvest.

Trophy Hunters Alberta
8959 Bay Ridge Dr. SW, Calgary, Alberta T2V 3N1
Phone: (403) 541-1004, Toll Free: (877) 486-8937

Wolves are abundant in many areas of Alberta on the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies, however they are much more difficult to see. Our wolves are large and incredibly beautiful. During the winter months, we offer stand-alone wolf hunts when they are more mobile and generally easier to spot. The cost for a winter wolf hunt is $3,250 per week with typically an opportunity for each hunter.

Udell's Guiding and Outfitting
3344 - 11007 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, Alberta T5K 0K6
Phone: (780) 722-0243

Wolves are particularly difficult to hunt, and to be successful you need to be the kind of hunter that enjoys the hunt as much or more than the kill. Wolves are extremely cautious, and simply prefer not to be seen. The wolf population here is excellent and because of our Alberta Wolf Management program there are no limits on the number of wolves you can harvest.

Wide North Outfitters
635 parkland Drive, Brooks, Alberta T1R 0M4
Phone: (403) 501-1366

At Wide North Outfitters we enjoy the challenge of hunting wolves, we believe they maybe one of north Americas hardest animals to harvest. Through many years of hunting the area and learning there habits we believe we found key areas to hunt them and increase are odds at getting are clients to harvest one. We hunt them out of heated blinds over bait on remote areas where the wolves funnel through in the winter and if you have enough bait and patience and the stars line up you may have a great chance at a wolf. I wish I could say all hunters get a wolf but that is not the case, we hope we get 50% kill success rate. In 2018 we went 66%, we don't take many hunters out a year trying to keep the area not over hunted and the animals moving unpressed.